Drivers of the Freight Train
Drivers of The Freight Train - Left to right Bob Muravez, Bob Noice, John Peters,
Sam Davis and Walt Rhoades. Photo by John Ewald.

John Peters came out of the Venice and West L.A. community that produced such legendary hot rodders as Leonard Harris, Gene Adams, Stu Hilborn, Nye Frank, and the Surfers. He was an employee of Engle Cams for over twenty years and began racing with a Willys sedan gasser. John built cars for others but he is, of course, best known for the “Freight Train” twin-engine gas dragster, perhaps the most dominant in the sport’s history. The list of accomplishments and superlatives is endless: First over 180, 190 and 200 mph on gas, first in the 7’s, and first in the 6’s.
According to John, nitro isn’t a fuel, it’s an excuse. Today John and his family operate Freight Train Racing Engines in Northern California. Peters and his wife Bev restored the Freight Train in the early ‘90s and have been active participants in Hot Rod Reunions both in Bakersfield and Bowling Green.

Story by Greg Sharp - From 2011 NHRA California Hot Rod Reunion Program